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The Other New York

Rush Hour

The photo above was taken at about 7:30 in the evening, right when rush hour begins. My goal in the photo above was to show the evening rush of the New York City underground. The man with the briefcase seems to be completely isolated from the people around him. Also, the way his head is pointed down only goes to show that the long hours of his job have worn him out and he longs to go back to his family and rest. The main reason I took this shot was out of all the people around him, I could only capture his facial expression, he served to be the true subject of the entire photo as opposed to a shot where there are lots of distractions. In this, the theme would definitely be isolation, the earphones only add to that theme. I think the main reason people wear earphones and listen to music while they commute is to isolate their minds from the chaotic rush of the city and the man in this photo portrays that perfectly.


The picture above was taken at approximately 6:30 pm. Although Chinatown may be a tourist attraction, not many people challenge themselves to go deep into this area of the city. The main subject in the photograph above, as well as the reason this was taken was because of the emptiness of the street. The ray of light shining down at the end of the street gave the photograph an eerie feel, unlike the chaotic rush most people see in New York street photography. 

Silhouette of a Plane

A solitary plane is shown perfectly silhouetted below the cloudy skies of New York. When taking this photograph not many ideas rushed through my head. It was just the simple, but striking angle of this plane that drove me to pick up my camera. Most people usually have the tendency to look up at the large skyscrapers that tower above the city, the iconic buildings that give New York that world famous skyline. This was something completely different, a lonely plane that seemed to be escaping from the rush and chaos of the city.

Empty Underpass

A New York underpass is usually packed with yellow taxis and angry New York commuters. Despite this being taken during rush hour, the underpass is completely devoid of the congested rush of the city.


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