Jose Arguelles

How'd I Get Here



The Orphans


Introduction: The world we live in is beautiful. A desert kingdom in a far off land where the the buildings and statues are copper plated and there are accents of gold. Stain glass and blue skies. But the Queen is Evil.


We are Three Orphans. Josuay the Artist Boy, Kira the Goodhearted, and Kinsey the Helper. We live in an orphanage and one day hope to escape to see the world. Our Keeper Obin Does not let us out beyond the walls. 


So one night We decided to escape into the city. And find a place were we could be Free and Happy. We wandered all night to the other side of the lake and were very tired.


Morning came and we woke up on the steps of a church. The bells echoed us awake and we wondered in. The Nun there. Lady Pieta. Greeted us and gave us a place to sleep. She said we were hers now.


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