The Orange Whip - Cocktail from the Blues Brothers

The Orange Whip - Cocktail from the Blues Brothers - student project

In the Blues Brothers movie John Candy's character (Jake's parole officer) comes to see the boys play before trying to arrest them. He orders an Orange Whip, a little known cocktail, for himself and the other officers.

I wanted to create this drink and fill the image with elements from the movie.

- Firstly the drink itself is a sweet cocktail, made with rum and vodka, containing the base alcohols mixed with cream and orange juice. It is typically blended to a froth like a milkshake, and poured over ice in a Collins glass.

- Then I wanted the background to look like the saloon bar they are in. Dark Bar top and covered with pea nut mess.

- The boys always hide behind their signature black sunglasses peaking into the scene.

- They are on a 'Mission from God' so in the absence of the good book in my studio I found one that could look like it was the bible. Ironically the 'American Bar' cocktail book...

- The car keys as the movie is probarbly best remembered for the car chases and trashing nearly all the Poice cars in the Detroit PD's fleet!

- Final touch is the hint of red and blue light from the patrol car giving a touch more atmosphere to the shot

Henry Hargreaves
Food Artist and Photographer