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Bradley N.

Growing Speciality Coffee in the UK



The Online Coffee Project with No Name: Bringing the UK Coffee Market into the Connection Economy one Seth Godin quote at a time.

We are like the authors who are following Mr Godin's advice, building their following online and using this asset as a platform to grow their businesses. Except we sell coffee, not books or software. This is important because despite the explosive growth our market, no-one is playing by the rules of the Connection Economy.

And so the Business Opportunity.

The Business Model

Asset #1 the amount of consumers that subscribe to and enjoy our email. Currently at zero.

Asset #2 relationships with people and companies in the coffee industry.

Asset #3 the platform we use to connect the first two assets and create value for all involved. 

We will bring together a team of people who can grow all three assets above by (1) creating content and products (by leveraging B2B relationships) that grow our consumer following and (2) use our relationships with consumer following to directly benefit others in the industry 

#1 Consumers: who have a deep interest in coffee will learn more about coffee, learn more about how innovative companies in the coffee industry can help them, and will become early adopters through exposure to exclusive information, offerings and 'meet-ups'.

#2 Businesses in the Coffee Industry: will reach consumers more effectively through our platform because we can help them build exposure, learn from and sell to members of their target market.

We can offer this for free because we are creating a loop of value that grows our business organically.

The hard bit will be creating a following of consumers; eager to hear and learn from us. As Seth Godin would put it; building ATTENTION AND TRUST.

We are unqiue because we do for them and capture minimal value from them because our long term aim is to build our asset; their attention and trust. Our barriers are therefore invested in the relationships and trust we build with each customer group.

We scale by building a team of people that can create value that each customer group has already told us will solve their problems. 


Thank you to for the photograph.

Question to think about...

Am I aware of my Cashflow? What is zero?

What is my zero point?

I will become an entrepreneur by:

  • Assembling a small team of people who will work on the key elements of the project.
  • Offer letters of recommendations, access to work with exciting organisations, permission to use of content in portfolio and financial incentives to people who can create the technical aspects of our value proposition.
  • The Golden Rule: thou shalt not do something more than once that can be justifiably delegated internally or externally.
  • Provide the capital to operate
  • Use 100% of profits to invest in assets that act as a multiplier until the business is operating at the level I want it to and producing organic profit


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