The One.

What if folks like Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Bill Gates, Marc Zuckerberg & Marissa Mayer were not afforded educational opportunities to learn, grow and test their limits? These people helped change the way we live and without them, who knows how different our daily experience would be...

Access to a consistent education is critical for any child, especially those brought up in third world countries. AnyONE of these kids could be the next Jobs or Branson or Musk. All they need is an opportunity. Your investment in a child's education may not just change their lives forever...it could change the world. 

While still researching potential strategies, my initial thought is to engage women 35-55 (preferably married w/ kids) and philanthropic corporations & business professionals. The campaign will include fun, informative video ads with a call to action, with a major focus on all social media channels. Much more to come...


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