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The One in Front of the Gun Lives Forever


Kendrick Lamar-Money Trees


I chose a bar from the hook of Kendrick Lamar's song "Money Trees". The song is from his latest album. I'm linking it above incase anyone wants to take a listen. The song says:

Everbody gon' respect the shooter

But the one in front of the gun lives forever

I would like to focus on the later part of the song, because it sticks with me the most, and it resonates with how I feel about things going on in our world. I feel like I can focus on the idea of one living forever in a religious aspect, or take it in a political route. There are a ton of possibilities.


I'm excited to work on this project again! I had to finish school so that I could graduate, and took a bit of a break. I am beginning to have school withdrawls, so instead of enrolling in grad school, I thought it'd be fun to finish my skillshare projects! Woot woot! 

Words & Thoughts:


As I was writing down words, I started to get a 90s vibe. I went with it, and began pulling images. Kendrick Lamar's entire album gives me this cool 90s West Coast vibe that I can appreciate.

Mood Board:

I'm not completely married to a color palette just yet, but I did pick out the colors that I loved from my mood board. More to come!


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