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The One Night Stand I Had With a Dad in my Daughter's PreSchool Class


I primarily use twitter and my facebook fan page to get out the word about my posts. I will often post on other group boards as well.  I just signed up for Hootsuite but I don't really know how to use it well yet. 

I have pinned some items to pinterest and I have found that if it's a DIY, recipe, or something else that is going to really grab attention (particularly with a good picture) it will bring a lot of hits. In general, straight blog posts don't bring much interest.

I have also started using StumbleUpon - not sure about that one yet.

SEO Optimization and good keyward usage is probably the best option. I get a ton of google hits from keywords.

But by far, the best way to bring people to my blog is by commenting on theirs. For personal blogs at any rate!


photo Credit: sashawolff.

As an example of how much of a difference the title makes, I give to you this post. I post from time to time at BlogHer. Usually I am lucky to get 10-20 reads. This one received over 3500!!


My blog post "Premonition or Self Fulfilling Prophecy?" can be found at


I love to read, I want to be a full time writer, and I'm interested in a large variety of topics. So truthfully I can be drawn to anything from a really well done "How-to" post for a recipe or a craft I'd like to try, all the way to a dynamic political post. I really love stories that tug at my heart, but I also like to be informed, entertained, and instructed.

Here are three posts that I would read over and over again:

1. Pretty much anything by Galit Breen.  Whether it be on All Parenting, Huffington Post, or on her own website, her writing is amazing. She is so illustrative. I feel like I am part of the moment. I almost always experience a multitude of emotions while reading one post.

This one illustrates her beautiful writing.

2. I really don't need to say much about this one... if you even start to read it, you'll understand immediately why it is engaging!

3. And finally, since I also am a mommy blogger and am constantly trolling for good DIYs for organization, recipes, and the like, I really like posts that are easy to follow (usually in list format), have clear instructions, and provide lots of pictures... like this one:


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