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The Old Denaro Family


This project was especially hard as I do not know most of the fathers side of my family, so I just drew inspiration from within my direct family, being my sisters and brothers. I wanted to make this not as clean as most of the crests i've seen as my family is a bit more alternative then that


I loved draplins teaching style, even if it was a big quick at times I didn't have an issue most of the time, and I learnt a few  keyboard shortcuts along the way. 



Two issues i came against with this design, mainly because I was stupid and chose a curved top to my badge, therefore my font looked weird curved around it, but also weird when completely straight.

The second: Although the technique of creating the inner squares was useful It did not look good on my badge. SO I kept my badge filled and decided to go with a cross/arrows inside.

So I had to find away around the TEXT, I decided I would have more illustrations around the top so I could still have the text straight but not conflict with the curvature of the badge. This also allowed me to add some imagery for the family, A) brisbane monument. this is where my mum was brought up and where i now live. b) Palm trees, we go to the beach ofter, C) BEERS, everyone in the family loves beer.



And then in the end I decided to go a little crazy and have some more fun. HOPE YOU ENJOY. Follow me on instagram!  @masondenaro 




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