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Stephanie Michelet

Simplicity + Possibility



The Nourish Bowl. Revolutionary comfort food.

I started this site as a way to teach people in a accessible and hands on way, how to cook delicious and healthy food.  Using skype, anyone can take a workshop with me, cook along side me in real time and ask all their questions.  I want to interact with people as they cook without the restraints of a physical local.  I also want people to learn to cook in the comfort of their own home--it's so easy to watch a demo, read a recipe or take a class but then return home and feel lost.  I teach modern, healthy, plant-based cuisine and specialty sides that add flare and interest to food.  I encourage people to find what tastes good to them and not worry so much about what other people expect or other "supposed to's".  Most of all I want people to have fun, feel confident and learn to love new foods that are realy good for them.


I'd so love some feedback about whether this makes sense to others! :)  What questions arise, what sounds good, what's confusing?



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