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The Northern Poject for Era of the Engineer

Greetings yall!

This track was produced and recorded at my home studio very recently. I tried to imply some of the techniques from Guru with what I had to work with. I used foam behind me and also directly across in front of the mic to help deadend the soundwaves. Very shortly I plan to invest in some acoustic filter treatment for the microphone. The track that I am showcasing has a raw element to it with hard driven drums and ringing synths. My goal is to become a stronger mixer and construct a sound proof environment where I can bump my ish!! Or move to the bush. This was mainly mixed through headphones, referencing with monitors at low levels and going to drives in the Northern Ontario country side.

The gear that I use on a consistent basis includes:

2013 Mac mini i7,Ableton live Push, Mackie monitors,m-audio interface, Focusrite Platinum voicemaster pre amp, Rode K2 mic, Novation ultranova synth, and sennheiser hd 380 headphones.





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