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The Northern Fox (Maple Syrup)

The Client

My family and I cherish the dream to have our own sugar shack one day. As a project for this class I want to design my future maple syrup bottle label.

The Style

I want to create label with a vintage classy look to show the quality of this handcrafted family product like the Hendrick's gin bottle.

The concept

The name comes from my son middle name ''Fox'' and since we're from Quebec, CAN we want to name it The Northern Fox. I want to integrate elements from the name in the design.

Sketchs and design process

I started with the bottle design. I was thinking ''Grolsch'' type of bottle and had the shape of the label I want.

Here's some of the sketchs I've done so far, I tried different style of lettering and then I started to work on the design of the fox. At firts I wanted the whole fox but then I tried to work with only the head.


Here's where I am, do you guys have any sugestion on the lettering of the FOX word? 

Done some cleanup, ready for ink and then I'll upload it in Photoshop...

I'm vectorizing the whole thing... long long process.... :( 

Gosh time fly so fast so here's an update of what it look like now. I've done a lot of cleanup and modified a couple of things. I'll add some surface test I've been doing soon...

Surface tests

I'm trying it on brown paper to give it a rustic look and I would love to read you on this, because I'm kinda stuck now... 

Here's another one I did with transparent label:

So finally I tried to go with a stamp effect. I think it gives a rustic look that goes well with the concept. Hope you like it as much as I do. 

Thank you all for your feedback it was a good experience, I learned a lot from you guys and hope my feedbacks helped you as well.




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