The North.

The North. - student project

1. List a theme or two that you are interested in pursuing on Instagram.
- Couple Lifestyle


2. Explain why you chose this theme.
I'm planning to open a new Instagram with my girlfriend, so we have thought about different themes. We have managed to sum it up in "Couple Lifestyle". So here is our process to sum our different points.

We wanted it to be more like a travel photography theme but since we don't have the money to travel for long times we ended up dismissing this theme and we approach it in different terms. We ended up having a complete mess of things. It was not easy to find a specific theme. Then we thought about showing our day by day. This idea convinced us in its totality, so we went for it. Your classes were an incredible help because we were able to answer all the questions in class number 4 (where you talk about theme) and find a theme that fits us perfectly.


3. How do you plan to create content for your theme?

Our main idea is to document certain parts of our lives, and as it's a shared account we'll be able to create content almost every day. And we can also rely on our saved images, taken them in our free time on weekends, just in case we don't have time to take them during the week.




For the moment we have our Instagram account created, but not active. We expect to start it in the next weeks. Our username on Instagram is @thenorthpj
We have a few images cause I lost a full hard drive. The images below are only to show our style and theme.


The North. - image 1 - student project



If you have any recommendations or want to leave feedback about this idea, they will be kindly welcomed!


Thanks :)