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The Norco Bakery

Norco Bakery: 20 Questions

  1. Who’s it for?
    1. This will be a bakery/coffee shop designed to cater towards families with food allergies.


  1. What does this group believe?
    1. This select group of targeted cliental believe that the ability to eat out should not be limited to a select group of individuals who do not have food intolerances.
    2. This select group of targeted cliental also believe in strong families and center their activities on things families can enjoy together.


  1. Have they bought a solution like this before?
    1. There are various “healthy choice” style of restaurants and bakeries around the country.
    2. In the local area there are two independent bakeries catering to this population with just a little bit over a 60 minute drive; in good conditions.
    3. There are two indoor trampoline parks, none of which cater to families with younger children, or to the food allergy community.


  1. Do they know about you?
    1. I am very vocal in the local community; there has been some talk and it would not take much to create a “buzz” about the bakery in the area.


  1. Do they trust you?
    1. As a mother of three children with severe food allergies I am trusted by others in the community as far as recipe sharing, restaurant referrals, and school lunch policies.
    2. As a credentialed teacher who is currently homeschooling many in the local area look to me and my opinions regarding activities they do with their own children and ways to incorporate daily play with academic lessons.


  1. Are people paying with cash, attention, or connection?
    1. For the bakeries and indoor playgrounds/trampoline parks that are currently up and operating people are paying with cash.
    2. For many of my side projects people are paying with both attention and connections.


  1. Are you connecting one customer to another?
    1. Depending on the model I use I might be connecting one customer to another; one of the models I am considering is using the baked goods from the already existing bakeries to stock the café.
      1.                                                                i.      This particular model would allow me some other time to work on other various projects while allowing others with an already existing working model to be able to sell their goods.


  1. One customer to your solution?
    1. I do believe this business model will connect customers to a solution; a safe place for the kids to play, the family to dine, and the caretakers to be able to truly unwind, relax, or get other business taken care of.


  1. One kind of customer to another?
    1. I believe that this business model will also introduce others who maybe on the fence regarding allergy friendly foods to a new source of food.


  1. What is your customer hiring your product or service to do?
    1. Customers will be hiring us to entertain their children in a safe environment that also allows the caretakers to relax and/or take care of other business while at the same time being able to safely enjoy quality bakery/café style goods.


  1. If this catches on why won’t cheaper competitors be able to steal your market?
    1. The reason a competitor will not be able to steal the market share is that customers who tend to visit this style of establishment are very loyal. The shop owner must first build their trust, and though others may try and steal the market unless the shop owner messes up the customers will remain.


  1. What’s the hard part?
    1. Currently the hard part for me is deciding where to actually open shop. I have two projects, this one and a charter school that I am working on. The biggest hindrance in both in both is handling the taxes and the local/state laws.


  1. What’s scarce?
    1. The scarcities are funding and time; once there is adequate funding then the rest should fall in line. The time comes into figuring out how to obtain the funding.


  1. Does your offering become more valuable as more people use it?
    1. As more people use the facility the space becomes more valuable. Only a certain number of children can safely be in the park area at any given time. There are also only a certain amount of baked goods and coffee that any one location can serve in a given time period.


  1. How much does it cost to make a sale?
    1. This I am not sure about yet because I have not figured out a final location.  The cost to make a sale will depend on who we use as vendors for the food and the cost of labor and space rental along with the cost for insurance and local/state/federal taxes.


  1. What is the lifetime value of a customer?
    1. The lifetime value of a customer can be likened to that of a Starbucks customer. For those who deal with food allergies once they find a place in which they can honestly relax and let their children play they will continue to visit multiple times a week for years.


  1. Can you make what you make significantly more cheaply?
    1. Regarding food: It depends on who we use as vendors.
    2. Regarding the park selection: Yes there are free parks out there but the use of those parks are dependent upon temperature and neighborhood climate. Many of the parks are not useable during summer because of the heat and are not useable during the winter/spring because of rain. Also many of the parks in the locations that are being considered have safety issues when dealing with the homeless and other safety concerns that many parents have in this modern world of crime and opportunities.


  1. Faster?
    1. The speed of the product for the most part depends on which part of the product people are enjoying:
      1.                                                                i.      A sandwich will only take as much time is it would to make at home.
      2.                                                              ii.      The muffins and baked goods should be ready when customers order them.
        1. If using outside vendors for these products the prep time will only be involved in obtaining the products.
        2. If using in house products prep time will be done when customers are not present and will involve a few hours of creating and baking.
        3.                                                             iii.      The coffees and specialty drinks all have a standard speed similar to the Starbucks model.


  1. Can you add more value to what you make?
    1. We are adding value to the primary offering of a safe place to play and relax by offering the ability to buy allergy friendly foods.
    2. One way we may offer a higher value is if we also include a permacuisine garden in part of the facility in which patrons can be part of the growing and harvesting process for salad vegetables and fresh fruits that are offered for sale in the café.


  1. When can you ship?
    1. Right now we are not really looking at shipping anything; the product itself is an in house product of time and relaxation.





For the Norco Bakery I would be an entrepreneur. My goal is to get the company up and going and then grow the company from there.  It is my honest goal to create companies and business communities that will be around long after I am gone. 




The reason I am taking longer than my husband would like to get this up and going is that I will not go after out of house funding until I have a product to actually exchange for monetary value.  This is why when I answered the 20-question survey I stated that one of my scarcities at this point in time is funding.


Any help with direction in the funding market would be greatly appreciated. 


Hiring Plan

Who are the first employees you need?

The first set of employees I need will be a dedicated staff who can handle both customer service aspects from a managerial view point and food handling. This core set of employees will need to be interested not only in working with children but also in working with the public at large.


Where will you find them?

The areas I will be looking for this core set of employees are local community colleges at their hiring fares; The ideal candidate will have taken course work in both business administration and child care or food handling.

I will also be talking to local vocational schools regarding students who are in need of internships.


Why would they join you?

They would join this company for a core experience in both business management experiences along with a chance to earn experience in running children’s events.


How will you tell the good ones apart from the convenient ones?

The good ones will have no problem when asked to clean up from a birthday party; another way to tell the good ones is those who will jump in to create an organized game or activity with children out in the play area when the other business tasks at hand are completed.


What's your funnel?

My funnel will be looking at what their career goals are. Do their career goals line up with goals of the company; are they interested in Business administration, Early Childhood, or Culinary Arts.


After hiring people, how will you evaluate them?

Evaluations will be on four parts

Part 1: Customer Service – dealing with the public at large and dealing with the children of various ages.

Part 2: Business Administration – How well do they handling the daily business aspects of their assigned shift.

Part 3: Culinary – how well do they understand the culinary aspects of the organization and what are they doing with in the culinary aspects of the corporation?

Part 4: Over all – how are they working with those on their assigned shift, how are they handling the overall tasks assigned to them.


How long after starting will you give people a formal review?

Formal reviews will be done at 30 days, 90 days, and then every 6 months; and when ever they are being considered for a promotion or demotion.


What's your approach for talking about the uncomfortable?

It may be uncomfortable talking about demotions or possible dismissals from the corporation but as uncomfortable as these conversations are I would rather have these conversations followed up with the proper training or counseling then have a bigger problem on the corporations hands.


Are you asking people to do work that's been done before, or to explore the edges of a new universe?

At this point in time I am asking people to work on stuff that has already been done. There is no new mind blowing work to be done; it is simply the repackaging of already working models into a new business in the local area. 



 The Norco Bakery was born out of a name for a location I was dreaming about locating the actual bakery; however I have come to own the name and even when referring to this project in other locals that are not familiar with the area that the bakery was dreamed up the name has stuck.

The fact that people outside the state of California who have no idea where Norco is located have come to call the project The Norco Bakery I find a relief because the city in which it takes its name from has as culture that I want the bakery to emulate; one of community and being with the land.

Norco, Ca is known as Horse Town USA; it is an agricultural city. It takes the best of both the suburban communities and the rural communities and blends the two together to create a wholesome community.,_California



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