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The Non-Digital, Non-Mechanical Camp Song Timer

When I go camping, I give it my best effort to not take more gear then I need. And as such, what I do take needs to do double, if not triple duty. 

Generally designated as the cook, timing is critical to satisfying hungry campers. Cook the coffee too long in the morning or overcook a steak and things can get pretty ugly.

But to bring along a kitchen timer is just plane silly.

And yes, I can use my mobile devise to tick off the minutes. But I'd rather save my battery for checking Facebook late at night.

So it occured to me, that when we brush our teeth, dentist suggest we brush for as long as it takes us to sing Happy Birthday inside our head. Why not use that same principle for a cooking timer.

Hence the origins of this mug design. Popular tunes you can play in your head or have your kids perform, to help prepare the next campfire feast.

(It would be fun to compliment this mug with a small booklet of lyrics of poplular camp songs. And tuck inside the mug. So everyone is singing the same tune and keeping to the same time.) 





And these were some of the mugs I thought were so cool.




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