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The Nomads

Hello everyone!

I came up with the theme "Nomads" since I have my own novel-in-process in which they are  the story's epicenter . Latelly I've noticed a lack in design development so this online class is just perfect to work on them more deeply.

Even though working from a silhouette has been always hard, I managed to create different designs . Each one of the designs has a meaning, they represent different occupations/ages. You can find variety in them like a warrior, shaman,harvester, healers,sorcerers, hunters...a kid.

The distinctive grey fur indicates that they live in a cold embironment, they will be wearing leather and similars, meaning that they are tough and strong tcharacters that fight o survive.

Of course the designs may vary and I have a lot of things to add when detailing (like dynamism), but I'm really happy with these thumbnails since it's my first time.

1. Nomad's Thumbnails

2.Nomad's skeleton

For a better understanding I proceeded to sketch the structure.

3. Refining stage

Having problems to choose between 12 thumbnails , at the end I have weighed up doing half the total ammount since it's not even a final stage and I'll keep discarding designs.

I must say that I loved rough thumbnails the most, they were more lovely (and alive) by far :_D, still I can't wait to take on of them to the end!

4. Variation

After choosing one of the designs I got ready for the next stage. 

I had to keep in mind,every second, what kind of clothes, faces and hair styles I wanted. Trying to maintain coherence maybe I went a bit crazy with the designs.

I tried to work with other designs, but the one I was most confident with is the warrior at the right. I can always take further other designs in my free time, so I was OK picking this one.

The order of creation/addittion of details is the following: 1-4-3-2.
Which means that, after creating the armour i looked back and made a mix of what I already had on my canvas.

The second variation is the one I fell in love with because the pose is relaxed,more natural, the clothes combination seems right since he's not a true soldier, he defends his people,family that lives in the mountains. The clothes looks warm and comfy.

I could still fix some things of course, that's why I'm here, what are your thoughts? :)

5.Finishing details

I choose the second variation ,(after having problems uploading this final stage, I was unable to access the class) as I already mentioned before.

I think It lacks volume and a better source of light but for the rest, I really like the final result !

Sorry for the delay and feel free to give feedback!


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