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The Noise Beneath the Apple; A Celebration of Busking Set in New York City


WE WON!!!! A Book of the Year Award in Performing Art & Music! Announced in Las Vegas at the American Library Association.

'Nuff said!!! :-) 


Judged by a select group of librarians and booksellers from around the country, ‘The Noise Beneath the Apple’ by author Heather Jacks received the 2013 ‘Book of the Year’ award recently during the American Library Association’s annual conference in Las Vegas. 

YAHOO!!!! Here is a link to a press release! Now, how do I capitalize on it?


As I am working through the class, I will be doing brief updates.

1) I am a trendsetter:

By being independently published and produced, there are certain doors that will be closed; ie: The New York Times, Ingram, traditional bookstores. This project doesn't fit neatly into these venues, so alternatives are to be created, discovered. 

We did an amazing release at The Martin Lawrence Gallery in SoHo, New York. It was OFF THE HOOK!! Here is a brief video. We had sponsors, a pop-up photo booth and 125 guests attened! Here is a link to 3 minute video of the night:

I am now seeking this type of venue for future events. I have two lining up at the moment; one in Eugene, Oregon. I hope to secure Ashland, Portland and Seattle locations as well. If anyone has ideas for those areas, please let me know. I wish to hold events at indie art houses, indie theatres, art galleries, museums or private homes.

I just finished a Virtual Book Tour, which was HUGELY successful Tons of exposure, a sale and being invited to a television appearance!

Here is my newly updated Press Page on my site, which lists all the interviews, guest posts and spotlights I did!


This project began as brief profiles of street musicians that appeared in various e-zines and culture magazines. As a freelance writer, I thought there were some good stories on the streets that would be heartwarming and make for good reading. For me, that was it. As I spent time connecting with the people who make up this very unique population, I realized, I had an opportunity to do something socially relevant: to create a dialogue about the art and history of busking as a culture, help stem the tide of regulation that is suffocating creative expression and taking performers off the streets, as well as legitimizing the profession of street performance.

The project blossomed. I now have an Award Winning Art Book, vinyl record mastered by Academy & Emmy winning Engineer, Reuben Cohen, a collaborative recording, a short documentary film being released and a television pilot being shot! 

Overview of the Book: Written by myself and accompanied by an eleven-track vinyl record featuring the original music of a select number of participants, this 200-page art-style coffee table book measures 12’’ x 12’’ and weighs in at a whopping 8lbs. and puts the spotlight on an age-old profession of busking, 

I hope to develop a new way of marketing this project, as it does not fit into traditional or pre-established parameters. I am therefore, setting a trend. I have held music/film/forum/discussion events at a museum and an art gallery, that were very successful. I hope to host more of these types of events. I am doing a virtual book tour this month and some cable access.

Where to promote my product is a challenge. I am planning on doing film screenings at indie theaters in the upcoming months. I think music/art shows at wineries would be a great choice as well, as the art is stellar. 

Everyone who has participated in this project--and I mean EVERYONE--has done it out of love and belief in the idea. I am often told that I should be in the New York Times or on Howard Stern. I couldn't agree more! ;-) But not having the support of a major publisher, necessarily means that I won't be in those arenas. Therefore, I would LOVE any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, on how to continue to promote the work, grow an audience, educate and expose those interested.

Video links, reviews and articles on busking and buskers can be found on my site at:


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