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The Nine

My instagram feed is sort of all over the place because it really is my personal feed and a reflection of my life, but I also use it (and plan to use it even more) for other professional endeavors and art-related hobbies.These include jewelry design, art, shelter animal photography, user experience, web design, branding and visual design, cooking, my running blog, and random craft projects.

Right now on any given day, you'll find pictures of my beagles, my workout/run for the day, quotes, food, random projects or doodles that I've got in my head, scenery from The Lowcountry/Charleston, and my baby boy. And I've gained followers for all of these different things (depending on the hashtag I use - some people follow me for my running/running blog posts, some people follow me because I have a menagerie of beagles).

While I will branch out and move to separate accounts whenever I launch a business (or businesses), managing a bunch of Instagram accounts for my various endeavors isn't in my short-term plan, plus I still want my overall name/brand to be out there anyway. So I want to work on being more consistent and deliberate in style and tone with my current account, even if the subject matter tends to be all over the place. 

My IG account: @ChristineEsoldo


Here's a snapshot of what my Instagram feed looks like this morning (lots of random photos yesterday):

And here's a screencap of a random nine photos from last month:


Here's my updated profile:

And here are my 9 images. I'm still a little all over the place and sometimes can't decide if I want saturated images or a more faded, vintage look, but getting better (I think):


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