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"The Nimue" boat logo

My fiance and I just bought a boat, so I thought that would be a good project to use for this class...A fun logo for your boat is more interesting than just regular lettering.  Thinking forward, we could do some shirts and beer coozies with the logo just for fun, give them away to guests we have on the boat.

So far I just have a few sketches.  I don't sketch much so these are pretty rough, usually just start off in Illustrator even though I know I should sketch more.  I did find that by going through the process of sketching, I got some ideas for layout that I probably wouldn't have tried if I jumped right in on the computer.

Decided to go with the one in the circle....

Here is what I have so far.  I would like to add so grainy texture and gradients to give it some more interest.  This will be a printed vinyl decal for the final.


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