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The Night Circus

I absolutely loved this book and I can't recommend it enough to everybody. There are so many things going on, on so many layers and spread throughout so many years that I'm really curious where this exploration for the drop cap will take me. 


So I re-read the book and I didn't know it's possible to love it even more. 

To make a short synopsis so you can understand my concepts better. 

The story is about two very old magicians (one believes in magic as an inherited talent and one that magic can be taught to anyone) that instead of fighting each other, each picks one "player" for a magic-challenge. One picks his daughter and the other one a random orphan boy. They seal this challenge by giving each other's player a ring that melts into their fingers leaving a scar for ever.

The whole story and challenge revolves around a magical circus and both players are building tents and magical shows for each other. It is a love story, but it very subtle. throughout the book there are several references to trees as being something special, some of them being that the boy starting his magic by creating a tree in his journal (where he writes his magic enchantments) and the girl creates a wishing tree - this is a tree where you make a wish and light a candle with someone else's candle already in the tree, so basically you are creating your wish by cumulating lots of wishes before you. I was really really impressed by this idea. 

The story is very very complex and layered, but in the end both old magicians have to agree that they matched the players to well, they complemented each other perfectly, saying basically that both ways of magic are complementing each other creating something ... extraordinary. 

I knew I wanted to pick the letter C because it's a letter that again, was throughout the book (at least in my head), but mainly because of the words Circus and Celia (one of the main characters)

So, the brainstorming: 

And then I had a few things I wanted to focus on. The action is happening in Victorian London so I did try to get that type of typography across a bit (I don't know if I actually managed to :) )

So the concepts were: 

1) The tree obviously, coming out of the journal. I didn't know how to incorporate the candles without making it look like a Christmas tree and in the end I wanted to put just one candle. (The boy main character reveals in the end he made a wish to have her. And guess what? :) ). So i drew the candle incorporated in the tree lines. I really like this concept and looks ok as a sketch, but I'm not sure how it will look vectorized, if it's still typography or illustration in the end :)

2) This is based on the 2 rings intertwined. Like I said, it was all sealed with these rings and the scar was the only thing they couldn't manipulate with their magic. The rest of the letter is a bit Victorian-ish. 

3) A bit more gothic-victorian-ish, inspired from an existing font, but I don't know if you can actually see the letter C. Again, it plays a bit with the idea of the wishing candle. The round bit is the stripy circus tent and the swirly bits are all the things happening around it. 

4) Started as an idea about the intertwined rings as well, (the top curls of the C) and the rest of the curls are the rest of the people involved in the circus. Maybe a bit too simple... 

I have found drawing curls and swirls very difficult, it's definitelyoutside of my comfort zone :) I have some other ideas, but these ones are the things that struck me the most in the book and if I don't use them, I feel like I'm not doing justice to the book. 

So what do you guys think? 


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