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Anna Maschmeyer

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The Night Circus Drop Cap

I am not sure that I have landed on a good idea yet. I've finished some more finalized sketches, but I think I'm going to go back to the book to find an interpretation that is not yet represented in the projects already posted in this class. It is good to know that other people picked up on some of the same nuances that I did. 

BTW I am a total newbie at doing something like this. I have always doodled letters all over everything, but I have a Bachelor's in English and a Master of Education. Soooo....I am not well versed in all the lingo and how to go about creating...I just love lettering and wanted to learn. 

So, anyway, here are some of my notes and formative sketches

I want it to look Victorian and I wanted to capture the idea of the gate with the laterns that pop as they light. I loved that description. I also thought about ways to incorporate the wishing tree at first. 

But, I didn't feel like I could execute the candles well enough so I gave up on the Wishing Tree idea and the letter N, because I like M's better-Hah!. 

I sketched some wrought iron and played with shape of M's. 

I felt like this one was too hard to read and just the gate into the circus. I also didn't like the horns on the M. 

So, I think I'm trying to be too symbolic here by making the gate represent Celia and Marco. 

I got rid of the names on this try, becuase I was going for a more subtle version, but then I didn't feel like it was obvious enough...I don't know. 

So, last night I dashed off 2 rough sketches that pick up more on the idea of the cauldron at the middle of the circus and the wishing tree, but still maintains the wrought iron idea too. 

And the idea of this rough one is to get back to the lettering that one might find on a Tarot card? Possibly. . . 

So, I'm trying to decide which direction to go, so what do you think? 

I may have landed on a little more  formulated idea. Incorporating the red scarf and the wishing tree together.

I did definitely feel like I had too much going on in the first couple sketches. I am really bad about trying to incorporate way too much and it takes a good couple of days of thinking to pare down to what it best. SO....I am working on transfering the design above to Illustrator however, I don't necessarily want it to represent the wishing tree. I am trying to decide if I will do something with lights in the tree or not. Marco draws a tree in every sketch book, so maybe this is just that tree. We'll just see how the Illustrator process goes. 

This my first time in Illustrator in 8 years! I used to work in advertising for a magazine, but we had Photoshop and Illustrator 7 and were still using Quark for most of our layout. Soooo....I am teaching myself as I go. Just starting to work on the tree because I just roughed it in with the pen tool. 


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