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The New York Times; Trending

We began collecting data through The New York Times website. We found a section of the online paper that specified four lists of the top ten most popular articles through various social media outlets, and the nytimes website itself. 



We were initially wondering if there happened to be a corelation between the types of articles and the sites; was there a difference between the types of articles that were tweeted vs. the types of articles that were emailed?

We used a spreadsheet to collect basic information on the articles. Here's a small portion:


We created categories for the articles based on their content. We also included their ranking and the gender of the authors as an afterthought.

This opened up another question; was there also a difference between the kinds of articles that men were writing vs. women?

We created this chart: 


The data was collected twice, a few days apart. There were differences between the articles most viewed and most emailed, while the articles that were most facebooked and most tweeted remained the same. We noticed a lot of male authors, as well as articles about life being overall most popular.


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