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The New Resto

This probably happens often, so it's not a surprising story. I think I want the viewer to laugh at the people during the restauraunt part and then identify with them at the end. 

The scene is outside a trendy city restaurant. Evening, dinnertime. A hipster couple are waiting in line to get in. They discuss how much they are looking forward to their first visit to the place, the reputation, the great food, the accolades etc, Conflict – The couple gets in the restaurant and everything that happens to them from then on is spoiling their experience. The signature dish is not available, bad table, noisy neighbors, wrong order, lack of staff, overworked staff etc. There is no major disaster, they do get fed. Resolution- They manage to even share some camaraderie in laughing at their own expectations as they are leaving. Then they meet another couple they know who are waiting in line as they are leaving. They describe their dinner and the experience as perfect and the place and food as great.


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