The New Improved Me

This is me in 2008, when I was training for a marathon.  I got injured and was not able to do that race.  I never really recovered from that, but mentally, rather than physically.  I don't look that much different physically, but I definitely don't feel as confident in my workout clothes.

I'm now a working mother to a crazy toddler, and I just don't have the time to train for an endurance race.  But I do want to make time for exercise, and time for me.  I want my daughter to be inspired by me and to not see exercise and a healthy lifestyle as something other people do.

I am also recovering from a chronic illness so it is important for me to stay healthy, and studies have shown that improving my physical fitness is the best way for me to keep my symptoms away.

So really, I have to do this.  I can't blame it on the baby, who's not a baby anymore, and who does sleep (sometimes) now.  I can't blame it on the illness, because I am doing a lot better.  No more excuses!

My goals:  

  • Run 5k comfortably in under 30 minutes
  • Be able to do a push up (I just can't do one just now)
  • Improve upper body strength (I'm not sure what an appropriate measurable goal is yet)
  • Visit the local gym and use the weights without being embarrassed
  • Try to do something every day (can be a walk with the buggy, planned workout, Just Dance on the Xbox, etc)

I am vivacita on Fitocracy.

Update at the beginning of week 2

Well, it's still pretty early days and I don't have much to report!  

I have been exercising regularly and am starting to pick up heavier things.    One thing that is quite exciting is that I can see muscles in my upper arm!  Previously when I flexed nothing happened, but there is definitely stuff there now!  I did feel a bit like those guys at the gym that flex in front of the mirrors, but it was at home in my bathroom, so I think it's OK to flex there.  ;-)

While I have tried, I still can't do a push up.  I haven't been to the gym yet either BECAUSE I remembered my husband had a proper set of dumbbells which have heavier weights on them than my little fit-bell set, so I have been using them.  However I am not scared anymore, I've checked the opening hours and am going to go and see about buying a 10-visit card.  Looking forward to checking out the weight area.

I've watched the second video lecture about nutrition and am trying to decide how best to implement what I've learned.  If I try to drastically change what I am currently eating, it just won't stick, but I am planning to adjust the food I eat while at work during the day to suit what I am doing that day, and go from there.


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