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Dorsa Mostowfi

Musician/Writer/Creative Mind.



The Never-Ending Road


Staggering along on a never-ending road, Chase Henry reflects on his tumultuous life, from fighting with faith to battling demons in the form of addiction. Approaching the end of the road, Chase Henry must decide which battle he will lose in order to defeat the other. 


‘This road…will never end.’ - My Own Private Idaho, written and directed by Gus Van Sant. This movie played a pivotal part in my decision to explore screenwriting years ago. I felt that this particular line of dialogue and this idea of a never-ending road was a metaphor that could extend to Chase Henry’s struggles with alcoholism and his Christian faith as well, and the idea that these personal conflicts are all perpetual life battles that we as human beings face in different shapes and forms. On the whole, I would say that my main inspiration was drawn from this movie, as the ‘Never-Ending Road’ is evidently my story’s central concept.

Aside from that, I would say my greatest inspiration was religion, particularly the idea of repentance and forgiveness in Christianity – can God really forgive all? Do all people deserve to be forgiven? etc.


Having lost all of my work on a mac desktop computer at 11pm last night, I started from scratch on this. Literally. I wrote non-stop from 11pm-now, which is 7:22am. What I'm basically saying is that you have been warned, I have potentially submitted nonsense. If that is the case then I apologise profusely. I can barely make out what I'm typing at this point, my eyes have given up on me. But better to submit than to not submit at all, I suppose. I hope you can tell from my original logline that I unearthed in my emails what I originally had set out to do. Maybe even though the class is over I'll give it another proper crack so people can see what I can actually do and you can give me opinions then? Either way, thanks for reading this! You're awesome.





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