The Neighbors

The Neighbors - student project

Initial Sketch:

When exploring words, I liked the idea of interpreting loud in pattern and color versus sound (which also seemed fitting for the class objective : ) since that's what I would like to practice). 

Here's an initial sketch of a San Francisco-inspired street scene, with one house full of pattern, color and bold details (with the architecture remaining similar to the other homes), while the other houses are subdued, formal and light. I think I'll exaggerate the height of the houses a bit more.

The Neighbors - image 1 - student project

I have a feeling that this concept has been done, but I think it will make for great practice in shape and color. I originally had thought of doing a notoriously quiet animal wearing some "loud" 80s gear but decided to go with the more geometric street scene.

Yep : )

J Patterson

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