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The Nazareth Polar Bear Society 2014 Polar Swim

Fifteen years ago, a couple of buddies and I decided to skip swim team and go hike in a park near our house. Being a bunch of young idiot dudes, we somehow ended up urging eachother to break through a layer of ice and go swimming in the good old Bushkill Creek. Ever since then, we've been gathering more friends every December 27th to join us for coffee, bacon, and a dip in some figid water.

We try and pull together some sort of momento for our yearly swim (buttons, hats, etc.) and usually refresh the look and feel of everything annually. After seeing this project, it made me really want to give these techniques a try for this go around.

Reference Image:

Would love to hear any feedback or advice! Thanks everyone.


I'm starting to mess around with different shading variations.


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