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The Natural

Just recently discovering my love for photography I have been really looking into doing it as a possible living or at least something to enjoy on the side.  I wanted to really capture the essence of my model and allow the intensity of her poses show through with a smooth feel to them.

My model was a friend of a friend and this shoot was only the second time working with her and she is amazing.  Super easy to work with and always wanting to push herself to make every shot work.  This is only her second time posing for a camera outside of her senior pictures.  I really am lucky to be able to work with her and we both feel that our working relationship is only going to get cooler and more fun.

She brought her own wardrobe and it was more then whatI was expecting being new at this but I thought she killed it.  Started in a white back drop studio living room.  Then moved around town and in some different buildings.  My goal was to use the natural lighting from windows and direct sunlight to showcase the subject.

I then preceded into lightroom for some lighting and contrast adjustments.  Then photoshop for some blemish touch ups.  Hope you enjoy the project and look forward to taking more classes and sharing amongst fellow photographers.








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