The National in Melbourne/Sydney

About me:
Hi, I'm Maddie! 23, visually inclined and enthusiastic about music. Inspired by anyone. 
Currently in Melbourne. and twitter.

What is my project?
I want to create an awesome collectable gig poster for one of my favourite bands - The National.

Ideas? Inspiration?
Dark, sombre, blues and greys, dark to darker, floaty, elegant, moody, intimate, introspective, thought provoking, beauty in sadness, comedy in death, brief moments, tenderness, 
Minimal, textured, limited palette

The National's back catalogue.
Especially: Conversation 16, Anyone's Ghost, Mistaken For Strangers, Exile Vilify, 

Sketch # 2 - elaboration, detailing, playing with space

The top right pose might work better, perhaps turned around more? 

Thinking she should be more distant. Max suggested that the light come from behind her, silhouetting her. Sketch coming up. 

Other posters/art as inspiration/idea 


First sketches: (more coming, yo)

A two part image, though I may stick to just the first.

Colours: blues, blacks, yellow, white and greys. Her dress will be yellow, as will the ship's light. 
Font: bold, possibly white with some black detailing. Dates underneath, smaller. 

Any comments/suggestions/critique will be absolutely appreciated. Thank you all! 


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