The National *UPDATED 2/17*

The National *UPDATED 2/17* - student project

Here is the refined sketch of my flyer.  Time to move into illustrator and get going on the final design.

The National *UPDATED 2/17* - image 1 - student project


The band I chose for this project is The National.  I started with a pretty large list of groups and then began narrowing down my  choices according to which bands were on tour- as I wanted to do a flyer with an actual venue.  I chose the concept of an upright piano extended into the sky and creating a cityscape.  The venue is in Brooklyn, so I plan on using iconic building and archicture from the city.

Here is my very rough initial thumbnail for the project.  Hoping to get a more detailed sketch up tomorow.

The National *UPDATED 2/17* - image 2 - student project

The bands sound is pretty somber. Slow, steady and minimal.  I'm hoping to experiment with textures a darker pallete to evoke their sound.

I think I'm going to take illustrate this using geometric shapes.  Below are some references I've gathered:

The National *UPDATED 2/17* - image 3 - student projectThe National *UPDATED 2/17* - image 4 - student projectThe National *UPDATED 2/17* - image 5 - student project

The piano will be the most detailed, and I intend on adding many ornate details to the wood work to give it some substance.  Here a a few upright piano's I will be basing the illustration off of:

The National *UPDATED 2/17* - image 6 - student projectThe National *UPDATED 2/17* - image 7 - student project

I want to put the bands name on the piano where the piano makers name usually is engraved.  I havent gotten around to investigating some good piano brand typefaces but I think a tradition, calligriphic theme with minimal ornate accents would be nice:

The National *UPDATED 2/17* - image 8 - student projectThe National *UPDATED 2/17* - image 9 - student projectThe National *UPDATED 2/17* - image 10 - student project

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