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The Nasty 'Nati

Hello Everyone!

Cincinnati is my city, my hometown, and the best hidden jem of the Midwest.

Murals paint its walls, restuarants thrive on every corner, and music fills its streets with abundant energy. 

Below is my adaptation of what many dub the "Nasty 'Nati", however this is just a work in progress as I have yet to capture the exact beauty I want to portray.

For now, I have included three shots.

This shot portrays several things to me. For one, it represents the small business that have made the city what it is. Secondly, it looks rugged, dishevled and in need of restoration. For the past 10 years, Cincinnati has been experiecing a renaissance of design, art and culture, and most notably restoration of the buildings that have outlived their time.


Cincinnati is home to baseball's first professional team, and you wouldn't visit without making a trip to the ballpark. Our newfound energy and spirit has been noted by many, and in the coming weeks, we are to host the All Star Game. Mustache statues of Mr. Redlegs fill the city, but this one greets you at my favorite outdoor market. Showcasing freshly baked breads, gelato, goetta and Eli's BBQ: Findlay Market is the place to go any weekend.


P&G is just one of the many booming corporate businesses found in Cincinnati, so businessmen hustle the streets morning and night. I liked this subject because you could tell he was in a hurry, and no hill was going to get in his way.



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