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The Mythical Online Portfolio Website - Finally Capture and Create Your Own with WordPress

There are so many talented artists and designers who want/need their own website to promote themselves, but who are intimidated by the idea of creating a site.

Through my own learning/pain, I've found some tips and tricks for creating a site that looks the way you want it to without much coding knowledge. It still takes commitment to getting your portfolio organized and ready to upload, but using Wordpress is an easy entry into venturing out on your own.

Week 1- Start your foundation. Purchase hosting, a domain, and get Wordpress installed.

Week 2 - Learn the basics. Get familiar with the Wordpress dashboard and upload all of your media files.

Week 3 - Make it pretty. Find and purchase a template with all of the functionality needed. Create a menu, a few posts, and a contact page.

Week 4 - Make it your own. Customize colors/template. In the live session, the class will troubleshoot site issues.

The barrier of entry is fairly low, but is an investment. Students can expect to spend about $15 for a domain, $40 for a nice template, and $50-$80/year for hosting.

Because this is a pretty wide spread problem - most creatives don't have their own website - I feel like it is a broad enough audience. Especially with the amount of competition there is for finding creative work - you need something that helps you stand out.

Being on sites like Behance and coroflot, it's easy for a potential employer to click away to someone else and you don't have much space to customize and show off who you are.


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