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The Mythic Fairy



The Mythic Fairy

What is the Project About

The Mythic Fairy is all about empowering children by teaching through myth and magic that everything is possible.  

At the moment it is just me as a freelancer doing the work.  I have self published two children's books and have developed my web site.

The web site is a portal of information for children and gives them skills to help cope as they go along on their hero or heroine's journeys.  For example they can learn how to do EFT otherwise known as tapping on the site.   It also explains to children what emotions are and now to recognise them.

The City of Illumination is a programme for adults (such as parents, teachers or guardians or anyone who is in charge of children) and children to work on together.  Each of the six modules has at least 2 manual, one manual for the adult and one for child.   For example module one explains emotional intelligence for adults and teachers children how to identify emotions and show them ways to cope with emotions. 

Each lesson also deals with an aspect of nature based on the medicine wheel where everything is evolving. There is also an art journaling reflection at the end of each module.  

It is based around a mythical city called The City of Illumination and there is a "You are Here" notice on the map included.  Children can decide themselves what they think they need at any given moment when a particular obstacle comes up.  For example they may feel like quietening their mind to make sense of things and in that case they go to the Meditation Centre (there is a meditation included with the programme encouraging children to find where they are storing their emotions).  They may want to do a visualization which is also included and they go to the Time Tower for this one.   A child may also feel they just want to go for a walk and if so that is just great .. fresh air can often bring a resolution to an acute emotional issue.  

My two self published books are also part of the course and the mythical/archetypal nature of the stories is explained to adults.  

The first book deals with isolation/bullying and the second deals with having courage to get help for a dyslexia problem.  

The books are about a group of fairies from Barna Woods in Galway, Ireland.  

There is also lots of information on the web site for children about flora and fauna, castles etc.   Web address

One of the biggest challenges for me is not being able to do everything I want to do with my web site due to my lack of knowledge.   I spend far too much time trying to figure things out rather than spending that time on being creative and writing content for the web site and the books.

Listening to the first two sound clouds and videos have already motivated me and made me aware of what I need and want to do to go further wtih my business.    




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