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The Mutt's Nuts

I didn't have any particular animal in mind, so I Googled something like "sayings about animals" and found some UK expressions that I hadn't heard before. This one made me laugh, so here it is:


Brainstorming brought images of mostly fancy things and dog treats. I tried to avoid any mention of testicles.


In general, my biggest challenges are spacing and size consistency, so the word "mutt" with its double-t drove me a little crazy.


My thumb nails fizzled out in the end. I chose the 7th one, but still kept changing my mind and ended up doing something different. I'm sure that's not a good habit, but I'm playing the "I'm new here" card.


I found this label on a site called Vintage Ad Browser. The swooshes (? I don't know what to call them) reminded me of tails, so I tried to incorporate that a bit. 


That was going to be my final one, but it was unbalanced so I tried again.


I didn't use the leash border on the last one here, but I might put it back if I digitize it.

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