Javier Rodriguez

Animator and illustrator



The Mutant Hunter (Finished)

Well i'm starting this project with the simple idea that i wanted to do some kind of female warrior. First i was thinking medieval, but thats so typical, then i thought about a desert hunter, but it was still missing something, so after a lot of thinking i decided that it will be a hunter. and to make it more interesting, a hunter in future times.

In a context of nuclear apocalipsis with mutants. So the main guidelines i follow to create this was a context where humans hunt mutant animals to survive. She has a bow and arrow, or she has a spear,or both. She should have a clothing from the XX century that she uses as type of savage clothing.

The first stage of silhouettes.

For now i'm thinking what would work better for this character.

Thanks for the help with the thumbnails, i think i selected the most atractive ones.

Now i've drawn some stick figures like Charlie did, and after a brief thinking and some chat with some friends, the chosen are 4, 7,8,10,11, and 12.

Now in a new canvas tried to add detail to each one, i took my time between each one so i could make them really different, some have gas mask for hunting in toxic environments( 8 and 4), others have explosive arrows (10 and 12), one is wearing a skull helmet of some mutant creature she hunt(4). And some are carrying son recently haunted mutant delicious insects( 12 has a mutants spider in her back, you can see the legs hanging, and 7 has a big "something" in her hand) .

From all those, 11 was the worst, the black sheep fo the thumbnails, i couldn't think of anything special to put in her outfit, so that one is out of the competition.

So by now, i really like 12, 7 and 4. later i'll decide. i really take my time between steps,and besides i have some things to do, college and stuff. see you in the next update.
Hope you like it.  

Update October 16th **
Well, i've decided to go with number 4, it was a really cool desing from the first thumbnails. so now i have painted some few variations.

i've done 4 variations, so each have some stuff that i really like, and its really getting closer to the character, so i took from number 2 arms and hip, from number 1 the hoodie with skull helmet and spear, from number 3 her boots, and from number 4 shoulder skull. so she has a lot of mutant skulls in her costume making her a total badass.

Soon i'll be finishing the mutant hunter, meantime, i need to find a name for her, so any name's idea will be welcome.
Greetings to everyone.

Last Update. 

So, i've finished the Muntant hunter, i'm very happy with the result. Took around 8 hours, a lot of details, but it was worth every minute.

Here it is.

And here are some process pictures, the textures i used as references and stuff. I hope you all enjoy this, i really had an awesome time doing this.


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