The Musketon Apprentice

The Musketon Apprentice - student project

Hi Musketon! So glad finally you open a skillshare class :) It's very helpfull. Oh by the way, i've seen your isometric tutorial on your instagram page. And i think it's a good idea to combine that with your texturing class in skillshare.

So, here is the final result:

The Musketon Apprentice - image 1 - student project

And here's some details :

The Musketon Apprentice - image 2 - student projectThe Musketon Apprentice - image 3 - student projectThe Musketon Apprentice - image 4 - student project

Yep, so that's it. What do you think? Suggestions, feedback and critics are welcome :)


Thank you.

Hilman Fariza
Graphic Designer - Illustrator