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The Munitions Expert-Updated 10/13

I didn't have the most defined brief going into this. A female gun user wielding at least two weapons. The urban setting just sort of happened. I put on a playlist of music from League of Legends (Lucian's Theme, the intro music from Worlds 2013, the Pool Party Them, and Get Jinxed), some dubstep remixes (Cinema Skrillex Remix, Kiss Kiss Drop The Bass, Alone Together Krewella Remix and Radioactive Stronger), and things that are generally upbeat and fun (Halloween Party). I'll likely expand on it for further work. Nine songs isn't nearly enough. I knew at I wanted to try and get in some fancy dress, a big sun hat, and a billowing coat. This is what I came up with.

Moving on to the next bit, I refined my sketches a bit, singling out six that were worth it.

I may have overdone it just a little as I narrowed it down more...

Just a touch...

Yeah, I definitely overdid it...

I do, for the most part, like how they came out though. I'm going to try to reel in that impulse in the future though. Anyway, I can't pick just one to do variations of so I'm a little stuck.

So, update. I went with the third design for variations, though I might go back and do the rest as well since I like them so much.  Soooo yeah. Next bit.


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