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The Mowgli's

This is my first attempt at designing a gig poster, and it will be used for one of the upcoming shows for a band called "The Mowgli's". Needless to say I'm pretty pumped about it, and want this to turn out well. 

The initial sketches started out with several ideas

A Gui-raffe


A stylized version of Hokusai's 'The Great Wave' I made for fun.


The third idea involved squirrels climbing in and around an old guitar.

The Giraffe and Wave ideas were the ones that the band liked the best, so I began working with these ideas. 

Drawing a guitar-giraffe hybrid creature proved to be a lot more difficult than I had expected, and I have since made a couple of changes. I'm now working with the negative space of the spots as the basis of the image, and plan on working the shapes of various musical instruments into the pattern of spots. 

This is where I currently stand with the project, and will be working on it more throughout tonight. I'm not completely sure where to take the piece next, but I'm sure this will come together in due time.


I was unsatisfied with the outcome of what I had been working on. I liked the image, but it just wasn't doing it for me in the sense of a gig poster. So I started doing a lot of research, and just played around with different, random ideas until I came up with this. It's far from finished, but I really like where it's going. :)

3/31 Update.

The one change requested by the band was to use their logo, which isn't a big deal. So I've freshened up the crest to match the curves of their logo.

Remaining things to do:

  1. Textures - I think this could make or break the poster. 
  2. I'm not sold on the color scheme, which was going to be blue, mocha, dk brown.
  3. Finish up remaining minor details/adjustments.


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