The Movie Hopper

The Movie Hopper - student project

Hey All!

Excited to be learning After Effects with everyone. I have a new movie review website which I'd like to create a short 5-10 second animated logo for.

Thumbnails for our first deliverable below. My thought is to have the ticket bounce into the screen from a distance, timed to some subtle sound effects.

The Movie Hopper - image 1 - student project

Animatic of stills:

I want to try to make the ticket look like it's coming towards the camera as it bounces.

First rough cut of animated logo:

Not great yet.  I'm still trying to get a feel for timing on the attribute changes and when to keyframe vs not. Plus, I want to do something a little more dynamic with the text coming out of the word "hop". I would love any feedback or suggestions.

Second (and final for class) cut of animated logo:

I tried to work on speeding up the downward motion on the bounce. Still not really happy with it so I will be continuing to mess with it long after our class ends.