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The Mountain Goats - All Eternals Deck

For my project I'm choosing the album All Eternals Deck by The Mountain Goats (songwriter Josh Darnielle). Darnielle is one of my favourite lyricists whom I appreciate for his ability to evoke an emotional and thoughtful response through a mixture of simple truths and more complex imagery often associated with themes from religion and mythology - belief. For example the name itself "All Eternals Deck" refers to a fictional set of Tarot Cards.

Darnielle's music has typically been based in folk with elements of rock. This album sees a more complete band sound with a wider palette of instrumentation as compared to some of his starker records.

I felt that for the project it would be a interesting to illustrate for an album I really liked, that doesn't  have any already-established imagery (or at least that I have not seen myself). There are some dark themes on the album which is why the current cover is probably pitch black (albeit with some nicely designed typography) so I'm sure that will still provide some influence on my design.

The thing I like about Darnielle's songs is that while they often have those dark themes there's light and hope within as well. While some songs feel angry (Estate Sale Sign) and others desperate (Beautiful Gas Mask) there's more hopeful narratives (Never Quite Free). An interesting note about this record in particular is that theres some strong associations with americana as well as the lives of some famous actors such as Charles Bronson, Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli.

As is written on the Merge Records website: "Gravitating toward images and stories of doomed people or tribes trying to leave a scratch mark or two on some visible surface before their brief moment in the sun has slipped by forever, All Eternals Deck continues Darnielle’s career-long quest to find hard-won moments of joy in the momentary resolve of people who have recognized, in the glare of a train’s oncoming head lamp, their fate."

I haven't had a chance to produce my mood board yet but it's on it's way!


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