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The Mostaccioli Man

I grew up in an Italian family, and my Dad had a nickname for me as a kid - "The Mostaccioli Man", named after the pasta. Not sure how he came up with the name, but I even used this chararacter as a scapegoat when I did something wrong. "Wasn't me, must have been The Mostaccioli Man".

I thought this would be a fun character for this class. Maybe having the character trying to esacpe some blame? The shape is relativley simple for my rookie skills, I like the colors of the pasta and sauce, and I'm thinking about ways I could incorporate some basil or herbs for a splash of green.

Here's a sketch I'm going to try to start with:


I made some progress on the pasta itself, the sauce, and the arms/legs. Overall I'm feeling okay! I'm not super happy with the shading on the pasta yet. Once I add the face I may tinker around with the colors and shading more. The top hole of the pasta looks odd to me as well. No great ideas for how to fix that yet...


I spent some time working on the shading of the sauce and the face. I'm pretty pleased with it so far:


I took Jonathan's advice and worked on lightening up the top hole, I think it looks much better now! I added a background and basil leaves, rehsaped the pasta a little, and added some general polish all around. I had a great time working on this little character! If you have any feedback or suggestions I'd love to see your comments!


Thanks Jonathan for a great class! I really enjoyed it and I learned some great new techniques, especially around shading that I can use beyond making fun food characters.


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