The Most Exciting Thing. A Short Story

So I wrote this all in one sitting in about 30 minutes so it probably sucks but it just kind of flowed out of me like I didn't want to stop.


The night is dark punctuated by bright street lamps, the night is clear not a cloud in the sky, the night is silent, but that silence is interrupted. I awaken with a start, an enormous noise has roused me from my slumber, I hear my parents moving around in their room just beyond my own door. I glance to my right and the red LED lights that tell me the time, late I think to myself, my Mum comes in to check on me.
“What happened?” I ask exhaustion mixed with adrenaline and fear are evident in my voice.
“I’m not sure” she replies “Dad has gone to look now” her voice is low somehow my younger brothers have slept through the noise and she does not want to wake them. Dad returns and Mum leaves the room to speak with him, I strain my ears to hear but I cannot make much out, I hear more sounds outside and hear Dad go back out. Mum re-enter’s my room.
“What’s happened” I ask again curiosity filling me nothing ever happens on this street.
“There’s been a car crash no one seems to be hurt though” just then blue and red lights flash through the window the police have arrived, I get out of bed.
“Let’s go see” I ask excitedly: a car crash no way! Latter I would feel guilt that I had not felt any concern for who had been in the car: I was filled with nothing but excitement, nothing ever happened on the street. Dad and Mum came out with me, Mum ensured I stayed close to her, I surveyed the neighborhood, at the corner of the block was a large assortment of people many police, but many neighbors to who have come out in their dressing gowns to see what happened: nothing like this ever happened here! I don’t get a large view of the car it is so crowded I can’t get a good view of the whole thing, but I do see twisted metal, an exposed engine, a compressed car, broken glass on the road and no bodies. I look around at the rest of the neighborhood there are several cop cars and even one that looked like an ordinary car if not for the lights the flared at the top of the windshield. Dad goes over to talk to the cops, I don’t think about this at the time but years latter I would realize how hard it must have been for him, he had been in a car crash when I was younger, he could have died too, he still had the scars on his legs but I didn’t: this was so exciting nothing like this ever happened here. I look around at the grown-ups they all look so serious with their long dressing gowns, hands in their pockets or behind their backs and with grim faces, I try to mimic them if there is something wrong I’ll fight it with them and I look around to see if there was anything the cops missed and my mind is filled with Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot I memorize the license plate number and all these years later I still remember it, I hear someone say that one of them had run off down the block and the cops say they’ll go have a look around. Then I notice people are leaving why I think nothing, like this ever happens here this is so exciting we can be the heroes who uncover the mystery why is everyone going back to their houses I think to myself. I feel a tugging on my arms Mum is there urging me to go back with her into the house.
“Why?” I ask her,
“you have school in the morning you need your rest” she answers. School I think but the world just changed how can she even think about boring old school when something as exciting as this has happened. I try to stay there in that place, but she urges me to come with her and all three of us go back to the house Mum puts me in bed and I say I won’t be able to sleep: nothing like this has ever happened before. I would try and tell the story of this tomorrow but all the other kids only seems to care about TV shows I’m not allowed to watch and going on their phones even though I don’t have one. I say the license plate number in my head over and over I’ll never forget this I think this is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened. I still haven’t.