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Shelley Bassett

Designer. Coder. Artist



The Morning Star

Instead of constellations, I took a slightly different approach and went for a moon/venus/mars (all of which can be called a morning star) over a city skyline.


Severl sketches made me want to soften the city with some trees (but not to many!) and some grassy hills. I drew up the elements, and then started in Illustrator. I'm Australian, so I went for an A3 art board for easy printing here.


After vectorising all the elements, i created layers of grass, and edited the trees. Then I freehanded some buildings with the pen tool. I wanted enough buildings that I could layer them too, to help give some depth to my city, and make it as impressive as an actual city view.


I then coloured all my elements, using variations on a blue I selected for the background. The title fonts are Metrica and Scrimshaw, kerned to fit the width of the document.


Finally, I overlayed a texture that I already had in my collection. Overall, I'm really satisfied with the result!



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