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The Moran Clan

Update 11/18/14

I just wasn't happy with the overall design - so i redesigned everything and just kept simplifying with a more iconic approach.

Update 11/15/14

After talking and showing my parents the Irish/Brooklyn/Jewish concept. They questioned a few elements. So I simplified even further and tweaked it slightly. 

1) Rather than using a pigeon to represent Brooklyn they suggested a trout for our love of fly fishing.

2) Ditch the favorite castle in Ireland thing and incorporate something about art that we all do - The brush..

3) Scrap the jewish star and use another element that incorprates art and my mother's handmade jewelry. The swirl necklace.

4) I was never 100% happy with the clover laurel so I figured this was a perfect time to think outside the box and use the fly fishing rods for the laurel.

5) Our Jack Russel stays..!

6) Simplified the typography and ribbon slightly.

Update 11/14/14

I watched all the videos. Draplin is awesome! Really cool dude - very inspirational.

I'm exploring my Irish / Jewish background and how my folks moved to Brooklyn NY in the 70's.

After doing some research on Irish crests and the name Moran. I realized there was a lot to work with, here's my initial starting point. There were even plenty of Moran crests:

The meaning of the name Moran: "descendent of great one"

The region of origin is Ireland.

My thought process:

Clover for the laurel.

Using a pigeon rather than the fighting lion to be my symbol of Brooklyn. 

Replacing the normal star with a Jewish star to represent our Jewish side.

The simplified castle in my crest is Bunratty Castle. It was our favorite place when we visited Ireland when I was a kid.

That crown can be seen in almost every Irish crest. I just simplified it.

And the jack russell terrier is our beloved dog who passed away a few years ago.

Black and white versions:

My wacky process:

My initial sketch:

All feedback, comments & criticism is welcome!!



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