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The Moon and Penny - Calligraphy and Lettering

JANUARY 26th, 2014

I was practicing calligraphy, with no real intention on working on my logo, when I came up with something I really liked. After scanning and Photoshop, it looked like this:

Then, after watching about half of the first of the digitizing videos and a few days of playing around in Illustrator, it now looks like this:

I have to watch the rest of the videos (and hopefully there will be something in there about file size. I exported to a .jpg at maximum size and it still won't get any larger than what's copied above.), to make sure that I've got everything I need to do in this step. I also haven't decided if I want to colorize anything or just leave it black and white.


The Moon and Penny is my still-in-dream-phase calligraphy and lettering business. For now, my sales will be through Etsy, although I have big dreams beyond that, too. My audience is mostly women, mostly brides, and people who are looking for a handmade touch, so I want the logo to reflect that. It makes sense to use calligraphy in my logo, so that's what I did.

My calligraphy style is based in Copperplate but with some modern edge. I want the logo to express my style: refined and polished with a focus on fun and lightheartedness. Also important: the logo has to translate to a few places. For one, the Etsy shop banner is super long and skinny, so my logo has to fit those proportions or I need to have a few different variations of the logo including that one. I also need something that would look good on thank you tags, a business card, return address stamps, and other tactile products to hand out to in-person customers.

///// January 15th, 2014 ////

My first sketches (apologies for the cell phone photo!):


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