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The Montgomerie Clan

When I first started this project I had no idea which direction to go in, at first I wanted to focus on my Scottish side of the family because that is what I relate to most. My Dad is 100% Scottish and my grandfather came over from Scotland but I never got to meet him. Our actual Scottish crests are below.


Scottish Montgomerie Clan crests

After doing a little more research on my Scottish background, I found that the Montgomerie (Montgomery) name traces back to Eglington Castle in Scotland (below).

 Scottish Flag                                                  

Eglington Castle

Being raised on the Jersey shore was also important for me to highlight. I considered different landmarks that I could use, like the Barnegat Lighthouse (below) and the Seaside Heights boardwalk, which were very close to where I grew up.

Barnetgat Lighthouse                                                

Funtown Pier in Seaside Heights

Below are some quick ideas I put together, but I wasn't in love with any of them. In this early round, I was thinking about using the larger town next door (Toms River) that most people are more familiar with instead of Island Heights, as it is very small and unknown. In the end I stayed loyal to where I come from.

I started to think that all the history of where my family came from wasn't working for me, so I decided to focus on my immediate family because I never got the chance to know my extended family. We grew up on the Jersey shore in the small town of Island Heights. Where we all were drawn to the water in some way shape or form. One of the things I remember most about growing up is going out on the boat fishing, crabbing off the docks, swimming, surfing, and canoeing, so I decided to go with a full nautical theme.

I took the anchor right from the Montgomerie Clan crest (above), this represents security, as a family should be for you. The 6 nautical stars represent everyone in my immediate family; my parents, 3 brothers and I. I housed everything inside a circle because your family line is continous.

When my parents got married they misspelled his last night on the marriage certificate (Montgomery), so I decided to use the correct spelling in honor of that mistake. All of his brothers and sisters spell it Montgomerie. I've read that this is the Scottish way and with a "Y" is the English way.

I also added the saying "a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor" because no one in my family has had a smooth ride. We've all made our fair share of mistakes and learned from them.

Below is the final in 4 different color schemes.

This is the final color scheme I decided to go with. I really enjoyed creating this logo and learned a lot in this class, thank you Aaron for taking your time to do this. I'd love to hear some feedback so please feel free to send me any suggestions, hatemail or comments. Thanks again.


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