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The Moment

Thanks for a great project, everyone!


2/8: Final Piece


My task was to letter a quote that envoked the feeling of PURPOSE.

I felt that black and white, paired with organic texture, would help establish a sense of clarity and conviction for the viewer.

I chose to use a wood grain texture, because I also wanted to reinforce feeling grounded and sure - feelings that are associated with a sense of PURPOSE.

Overall, this was a fun project! I had to stay the course while life was chaotic, but I think I created a piece I can be proud of.

I'd love to know what emotions you feel when you see this... it's the eye of the beholder as they say...

Thanks, everyone!

2/8: Playing with imagery. Source Image via Unsplash by Greg Rakozy


Image via Unsplash by Joshua Earle


UPDATE: 2/8 Final Draft / Layout

I think I have settled on a layout for my piece. This weekend, I rolled out some Kraft paper and pulled out the white paint - I wanted to work on a large scale. I will take this into photoshop today and see what I can come up with! Thanks!



I keep coming back to the words - THIS MOMENT CREATED. To demonstrate a hierachy, I have given emphasis to these words by altering their style and size. Typically, I would draw out my letters, but for this piece I have decided that less is more.


UPDATE: Recently I have been playing will layout & texture. My focus outside of the class has been to work on my brush type and calligraphy. For this project, I would like to incorporate textures that I frequently work with - watercolor, inks and paint. For the next series of revisions, I want to try and mix lettering styles to hone in on those positive feelings.


UPDATE: I could have sworn I posted my thumbnails, sorry for the delay! 


Hey class,

After a successful first Mete Class, I thought I'd give part II a go.

For this project, I am using a quote that I have pinned above my desk.


When I think about the emotions of this quote, I think about POSITIVE feelings.

  • optimistic
  • empowered
  • motivated
  • purpose

Optimistic yielded the most material.


Something I noticed during my search was that many of these pieces used light, muted colors.

- Alex


Sorry for the delay, its been a chaotic work week. I really had to ponder on what this quote meant to me. I think a major part of it's appeal is its ability to reinforce my sense of purpose as an artist - as a creator.

When I think back to moments where I have felt purpose as an artist, it often looks something like this:


My creative space is open and free - messy in the moment. I am happy covered in ink or paint. And more importantly, I create for the simple sake of creating. When all three of these moments come together, I am content and full of purpose.


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