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The Moment Before You Leap

I am so excited to participate! I didn't know how to use illustrator before this, and it is Mindblowing. I am really happy with this. I would have like to work a lot more on it, but wanted to participate in the contest and has just a few days to do it so I rushed, but it turned out to be nearly as I wanted it to be. Will tinker with it later, but I am very happy. The lead pattern was my first pattern even so I am proud in any case :) Thank you so much Bonnie, your classes have been invaluable. I feel much more confident on my creative journey now.


The Collection : The Moment Before You Leap

The Patterns : The Leap / Bubbly Daisy / White as Rose Innocence / Flight / Bursting Joy / Seed of Hope

The Story

This collection was created with the tarot card The Fool in mind. The Fool is the first card of the major arcana of the tarot, and it speaks of the energy of new beginnings, and that moment before you take a plunge: it's full of joy, creative energy, hope and naiveté. There is no restraint, everything just flows, jumping around, eager to start. The Fool is a student, and is willing to learn, but he is still young and carefree, not yet influenced by the world.

This made me think of sping flowers and vivid colors, constrasting and playing with each other. Not sophisticated colors, more basic, even primary. I thought of burgeons and round shapes, and of feathers because the Fool is such a light traveller, ready to fly. I wanted this idea of feathery like dreams and magic, and jewel like flowers. All very light and naive, simple shapes and colors.

The Fool reminds me of how I feel right now. This is a very special collection for me. With this collection, I learned Illustrator from scratch. With this collection, I make the first formal step towards leading a creative life and working for my creative dream. I want to learn more and create more. I am only beginning my journey and I am, like to Fool, full of hope and joy. 

I used a palette based mostly on primary colors, because they are the start of every color, and this collection is about raw energy.


I am already working on a second colorway, but I don't have time to post if for the contest :) Will do soon though !

My drawings from doodles to illustrated motifs

Not every doodle got on the final collection of motifs, and I added some shapes as I went. I drew mostly from my imagination but I walked around in gardens and flower shops to take picture and observe nature, so many shapes came from those walks in the new spring sun (it's only just started to be sunny over here in Paris).




The Patterns


And some mockups :


I am so happy. Thank you again Bonnie ! I have my mind full of new collections and ideas. Can't wait to start  !


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