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The Mojicas


So there apparently is already a Mojica crest though I couldn't find what any of it meant. It just looks like two dragons arguing with each other—which my sister pointed out seems about right for a Mojica. (We tend to be stubborn and argumentative).

I also found an alternate version of the Mojica crest which seems to have two arguing birds and two other shields incorporated. There was no information about the differences or their significance.

So my father's family is from Mexico but I was born here. And my grandfather died long before I was born and I barely saw my grandmother so I never felt super connected to my family heritage in Mexico so much as my family heritage in California (since much of our family has ended up in CA).

So I feel like maybe I should be incorporating things that are Mexican-American hybrids like the burrito or margarita.

My father has always worked with his hands —trained to be a mechanic but ended up a general contractor. And though I push pixels I work with my hands too. Maybe I can incorporate some symbol of creation.

Thought it might be a nice idea to incorporate something from the Mexican flag.
It has a weird split oak leaf and laurel ring which I think is interesting. It could be another place to incorporate the dual MX/CA roots of our family. Or I could use the flowering cactus the eagle is standing on since it has a lot of meaning for the origin of the aztec culture. Maybe catus and California poppies?


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