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The Moby Dick Diaries

The Moby Dick Diaries

This is a letter to aquire an agent for my teen novel, a coming of age story. The first part of the letter says what this project is. The second part is supposed to be About Me.

PLEASE - let me know if you see ways I can improve. 

Strange as it may seem, I went for the True As It Ever Was archetype. Here's the order of the components:

1. Drama

2. New Possibilities

3. Lessons Learned

4. A World View

About the Project

First love, lies and betrayal, a gun-toting Dad and God-fearing Mom. How will 16 year old Lee West, your basic female Ishmael, choreograph Moby Dick, her ticket out of drought-stricken Porterville, a town Wikipedia describes as the Land of Cow Pies, Meth Junkies and Bitter Old People.

The Moby Dick Diaries takes teen readers through the creative process, the motivation, the grand snowhill of an idea, first drafts, abject failures, the bright shiny eco-warrior boyfriend who tells her not to worry, she doesn't have to care about saving the environment, just care about him. (Yeah, a real Ahab.) Gritty retries, more failures, a falling out, tragic heroic death, finding allies, black moment and Lee's final triumph performing for Porterville's Got Talent talent show. In the Epilogue Lee wakes up to find her work waits. She'll do it all over again but this time with a stronger sense of self. Like Ishmael at the end of Moby Dick, she finds her own whale of an obessesion, her inner (but saner!) Ahab.

The Moby Dick Diaries answers the question for creative career seeking teens, why Art is even more important when we're all going to hell in a global-warming, income inequality, #whatever crisis hand-basket.

About Me

When I was 16, my secret, most ardent desire was to live a perpetually creative life that promised I would feel intensely alive every single moment. I changed my handwriting to be more creative  the advice of a handwriting analysis book. (If you want to know, stop dotting your 'i's' eyes and crossing your 't's'.)

Something must have clicked.

My most cherished evaluation from UC Santa Cruz is "Andrea is essentially creative, not sporadically so." Through thick and thin, I've managed to be creatively alive as a play-wright, choreographer, and performer, and, hopefully with you as my ambassador to the right editor, a novelist. 

The Moby Dick Diaries shows teens how the creative process really works. This is important to me because I believe creative artists/problem solvers will be the new nerds. The signs are everywhere. It's time and we're needed. Creatives show us how diverse people come together to get shit done, my all-time favorite theme of Melville's Moby Dick. For more details, information about this project or me, please check out

Okay -on feedback from Keith, a fellow work-in-progress novelist who said it was too long, I rewrote the agent letter thusly...

Dear Ms.  _________

Because of your passion for _____________ and teen novels, I hope you’ll consider representing my YA contemporary, illustrated novel, THE MOBY DICK DIARIES, complete at 60,000 words.

About the Project

A sixteen-year-old wants to choreograph Moby Dick as her ticket out of her drought-stricken town and a lifetime of washing out her husband’s underwear like her mom.

Goat-roper girl, LEE WEST, wants to feel intensely alive. Every. Single. Moment. But there’s a problem; she’s not sure if she can do that in her beloved hometown of Porterville, devoid of culture except agriculture. It’s not until her new BFF, Maddy Flea-Keg, helps her make a dance out of Moby Dick that Lee realizes she might get her wish. That is until she’s blown off course by her eco-warrior boyfriend who wants Lee to take care of him while he concentrates on saving the world from eco-evil.

While staying true to the spirit of Moby Dick, THE MOBY DIARIES, has its own blend of sly humor, tragedy, and the nuts and bolts of dance-making that will appeal to Lynda Barry, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and So You Think You Can Dance fans. Although satisfying on its own, this story of filled with suspense and surprises that leave room for a series.

About Me

While I was born and bred in Porterville, it was my Irish relations who instilled in me a passion for storytelling. In high school I joined the Bubblegum Players and toured local schools then worked for a year at an environmental education school telling stories on the trails by day and performing original plays three nights a week.

At UC Santa Cruz I studied modern dance and playwriting. Here I wrote, directed and performed Teaser and the Firecat, The Barnyard Melodrama and Repunzel’s Radishes while supporting myself as a children’s party entertainer and store window painter. Coming to the Bay Area I received five grants for plays and choreography. Four dance-plays were produced by the Speakeasy Theatre Company. I won the Take 5 choreography competition in SF using last 30 pages of Moby Dick. I’m currently performing excerpts of The Moby Dick Diaries in Berkeley and SF to strengthen the story, test out my jokes, and build excitement for the stage and page versions. I studied for a year under the mentorship of NYTimes #1 best-selling author, Ellen Hopkins. A self-published comic book, Equal Parenting, What a Concept! flew off the shelves at my pediatrician's. 

While this is a multiple submission, I truly appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Encl: First N chapters of THE MOBY DICK DIARIES and a one page synopsis.



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