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The Moby Dick Diaries

water ontop of Becky in the net image did not work but sideby side was better. maybe this is too cliche - maybe it's too does seem to be getting closer to the emotional tone and storytelling I want. A little bit too creepy's a light-hearted book except when it dips deep. I want to be a book designer in my next life.

Image one is kind of a mess but the elements are there...I know what to do to clean it up if that one is deemed better. Image two is simpler. The log line on the back isn't quite right...maybe "quirky lee west is hellbent to choreograph the great american novel, moby dick, until true love sweeps her out to sea and a lifetime of washing out her boyfriend's underwear ..." the book is more humorous than the cover would suggest...sigh. must stop now and do the Thanksgiving thang...

image one

Image two

Image two

Man, this is getting to be an obsession with me! This is WAY too fun. I have choreography work to do day job writing work to do.

That said, Here's a collage of my photos and detritus randomly mushed together in Picassa. I think it looks classy but alas, too vague. Doesn't tell the story. Conveys an emotion though.

Hi -

I'm going to put the most recent posts ontop to make it easier to see the latest thinking.

Here's taking Andy's idea and executing it. Next I'll try my 14 year old dauther's idea of taking one of the photographs from below and putting it underwater. first I have to figure out some cheap tool to do this...I used to have one but they upgraded and now it doesn't make transparencies...


Here are 5 photos from the climactic scene of the book, "The Moby Dick Diaries." It's about a teenage girl who wants to do the impossible, choreograph the Great American novel, Moby Dick. The name of the dance she choreographs is "Call Me Ishwhale." In the book the protagonist starts out as an Ishmael, finds herself transforming into an obsessive Ahab about this dance then develops compassion for the whale's POV and her dance ends up being about saving the whales, not killing them. The antagonist is a bad-ass artistic rival who ends up as a steampunk Ahab.

Here's a great photo#2 by Aicha Nystrom:


I have several paperback versions of Moby Dick. I love the different interpretations of this novel especially a woodcut one with the words Moby Dick done in stylized rope you can see it here

And here's 3 more photos I'm inspired to use. Of course they need photoshopping.




I like this rowboat in the moonlight...just because I like this rowboat in the moonlight...

Here's a drawing I did that I am considering animating for the opening of the webisodes for MDD...note the audience for the book is Young Adult (YA) i.e. middle schoolers and teenagers.

My fav book's hard to see but the letters are formed by rope. I love woodcuts.And this one is a beaut.

Okay - Here are two more images - ahab alone...and my sketch book interpretation of the letters within a wave and all kind of swimmy the background being a composition book. I like this idea. All the images are now kind of swimming around like pickles in a barrel...I like the composition book idea best and think it would be fun to work on a swimmy type face withith a wave.


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